Suggested reading: on this and other worlds: voices from Amazonia

The synopsis below describes the excellent collection of interlinear texts of Brazilian languages organized by Kristine Stenzel and Bruna Franchetto entitled “On this and other worlds: voices from Amazonia

Synopsis from Language Science Press:

On this and other worlds: Voices from Amazonia

Kristine Stenzel Bruna Franchetto  


This edited volume offers a collection of twelve interlinear texts reflecting the vast linguistic diversity of Amazonia as well as the rich verbal arts and oral literature traditions of Amazonian peoples. Contributions to the volume come from a variety of geographic regions and represent the Carib, Jê, Tupi, East Tukano, Nadahup, and Pano language families, as well as three linguistic isolates. The selected texts exemplify a variety of narrative styles recounting the origins of constellations, crops, and sacred cemeteries, and of travel to worlds beyond death. We hear tales of tricksters and of encounters between humans and other beings, learn of battles between enemies, and gain insight into history and the indigenous perspective of creation, cordiality and confrontation.

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